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Introducing the Oto: Better Care for Ear Infections.

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Tugging on the ear? Cold symptoms? Check your child's ears when you suspect an ear infection.

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Send videos to our doctors for an evaluation within 2 hours.

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Find out what care your child needs sooner and get peace of mind.

Introducing the Oto HOME™ for Families.

Take a video, send it to a doctor, and get an answer without ever leaving your home.

Now available in select states.

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Need a doctor's answer now?

We deliver to anywhere in San Francisco in under 1 hour.

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See What Clinicians and Parents Are Saying

Introducing the Oto CLINIC™ for healthcare professionals.

See more. Treat better.

Record, view, and share images with your digital otoscope. Engage patients in their health and treat better.

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