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A Smarter Way to Care for Your Family's Health

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Document Your Kids' Health Conditions

Seymour's in-app guidance and phone attachments help you capture photos of your kids' skin and ear conditions.

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Get a Doctor's Opinion When Concerned

No more guessing games or questioning next steps. Share a photo of your child's health concern with an on-call doctor for a quick answer right to your phone.

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Monitor Your Kids' Health Over Time

Track your kids' progress and recovery over time with Seymour's smart photo capture. Share with our doctor network or access at your next doctor's visit.

See more with the Oto

A better way to manage ear infections

Oto is a smart tool that attaches to your iPhone and lets you take a video of the inside of your child's ear. Use with the Seymour app to share it with a doctor for an immediate answer. Available for just $299.

* Compatible with iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 6, and 6s

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